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Important Orders

No Order No Title Download
1 S.R.O No: 1065/98 dated:20-12-1998 Kerala State Human Right Commission Constituted
2 S.R.O No: 1066/98 dated:11-12-1998 Chairperson & Members of the 1st Commission Appointed
3 GO(Ms) No.26/99/Law dated:12-01-1999 Creation of post of staffs  in the Commission
4 GO(Ms) No.342/99/Law dated:09-07-1999 Personal staff of Chairperson & Members creation of posts
5 S.R.O No.335/2000 dated:17-04-2000 Investigation Wing Constituted
6 GS - 5 – 54 /2004 (dated:15-01-2004) Justice .V.P.Mohan Kumar (Retd) & Prof.S.Varghees Appointed as Member
7 GS - 5 – 54 /2004 dated:01-02-2005 Justice A.Lekashmi Kutty (Retd.) appointed as Member. of Commission
8 GS - 5 – 13551 /2006 dated:14-08-2006 Justice N.Dinakar (Retd. Chief Justice)Appointed as Chairperson
9 GS - 5 – 223 /2009 dated:27-09-2009 Shri.K.E.Gangadharan appointed as Member. of Commission
10 S.R.O No.633/2009 dated:23-07-2009 Re constitution of Commission
11 GO (Rt) No: 1019/2005/Law dated:16-12-2005 Creation of Post P.R.O
12 GO (Ms) No.225/2010/Law dated:13-12-2010 Post of part time Sweeper in the Investigation Wing created
13 GO (Ms) No.27/2010/Law dated:19-02-2010 Post in the  personal staff of Chairperson & Members modified order
14 GS.5/1547/2011 dated:12-08-2011 Hon’ble Justice J.B. Koshy Appointed as Chairperson
15 GO (Ms)103/2012/Law dated:27-04-2012 Creation of post of 5 Asst. Grade I Orders issued
16 GO (Ms):112/2013/Law dated:28-06-2013 Creation of Office Section in the Commission Sanctioned
17 GO(Ms):50/2011/Law dated:22-03-2013 Creation of 2 Additional post of Court Officer
18 GO (Rt) 873/2004/Law dated:20-08-2004 Creation of post of Watch man in the commission
19 S.R.O.No.791/2013 dated:11-09-2013  Human Right Courts Constituted
20 GS5-1709/2015 dated:10-04-2015 Shri.K.Mohan Kumar, Adv Appointed as Member


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