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Instructions  for doing Internship

  • Application in the prescribed format given below shall be submitted to the secretary along with the bonafide letter issued from the  College/ University/Department concerned.
  • Students shall compulsorily wear college uniform with ID card during internship period.
  • Students shall sign  attendance register and ensure their presence during office hours.
  • Report shall be prepared in accordance with the synopsis provided by the office and submitted to the officer concerned before completion of the internship period.
  • Affix a passport size photo in the register maintained at the office and enter necessary details their in.
  • Students shall keep office decorum and maintain discipline with in the office premises.
  • Certificate will be issued only after successfull completion of the internship and interns shall collect the certificate within two weeks from the date of completion of their internship.
  • Internship will be permissible only for a maximum period of 14 days.
  • Strict action will be taken against those who violate the instructions and will not be allowed to continue the internship and the matter will be intimated to the respective college/ Institution.
Synopsis to prepare Internship Report
  1. Preface.
  2. Contents.
  3. Introduction.
    1. meaning and Importance of Human Rights
    2. Evolution of Human Rights in India.
    3. Statutory provisions regarding the establishment of Human Rights Commission.
    4. Structure, Qualifications, Powers and duties of Kerala State Human Rights Commission.
  4. Administrative set-up of the Kerala State Human Rights Commission.
    1. Co-terminus staff
    2. Administrative staff
    3. Investigation Team.
  5. Day to Day reporting of proceedings witnessed and experienced by the intern in the Establishment (give specific details of register and records maintained in different sections.
  6. Details of sittings and classes attended, if any.
  7. Write specific cases (At least five ) disposed during the internship period.
  8. Personal evaluation and feedback regarding internship.
  9. Conclusion and Suggestions.


Add scored of copies of the following documents as specimen records. 

    1. At least two copies of the  petitions mentioned in the report.
    2. Notice
    3. Notice seeking report
    4. Model report from any of the case written in the report
    5. Disposal notice
    6. Final Order
    7. Copy of action Taken Report
    8. Form of Communications.
Application Form for internship


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